Our Vision

Create a world where everyone can be their authentic selves without judgement. 


Our Story

We've all searched high and low for planners and journals that would give us the mythical "planner peace". We've clicked on numerous websites and visited many stores in hopes of finding "the one", often ending up with too many items or none.

Why can't all of the gorgeous items that the world has to offer be in one place?!

It can!

Planner Things & More was created to bring unique planners, journals, and accessories from around the world to one central place. But we didn't stop there. We also wanted to make sure our small businesses have an opportunity to showcase their work. 

We are a diverse company that wants to support the world in achieving their dreams, goals, and visions. Opening a carefully selected planner/journal should be the first feelings of joy and power when it comes to your creativity. 

When you open your planners/journals from us, know that there is comfort and peace in being uniquely you!